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Empower Your Workforce

You’ve assembled a crew of amazing people in your contact center.

Let’s help them do their jobs better, enjoy their work and stay on top of the things that matter. That’s what ZOOM's solutions for contact centers and back office are all about.


Call and Screen Recording

Reliably capture, store and manage phone and screen recordings to improve your customer service, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Quality Management

Achieve the highest level of service quality while effectively managing your key performance indicators and contact center resources.

Speech Analytics

Automatically evaluate 100% of calls and easily discover, organize, visualize and share actionable information.

Voice of the customer

Start listening to the real voice of your customers, measure the experience they have with your products and services, and uncover business-critical information you might not be aware of.

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A Comprehensive

A Comprehensive Solution

ZOOM Quality Management Suite is a comprehensive, modern solution for managing contact center and back office performance. We strive to keep our solution easy to deploy, maintain and use.

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indirect sales model

Indirect Sales Model

We deliver software solutions through a network of highly reputable technology partners all around the globe. Our competitive solutions expand our partners' business and help them develop partnerships with their end clients.

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widely recognised

Widely Recognized

Our solution is now positioned as an insightful emerging WFO vendor in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. We have been rated by DMG Consulting and rank among Deloitte's Fast 50 of fast developing companies in Europe.

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