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Monitor Agents In Real Time

Supply supervisors with a real-time overview of all active calls, including agent desktop screens
for in-depth understanding of agent performance. LiveMON allows supervisors or contact center
managers to listen to live agent interactions and watch their desktop.




Live Monitoring of Agents

Active calls under supervision 

Listen to an agent's call in real time using a web-based user interface and a set of headphones. ZOOM LiveMON enables supervisors to listen to a conversation with the option of recording the call and/or screens on demand and then saving or e-mailing the data.

Display contact center attached data and configure the interface to show or hide data columns to display the exact call information you require.


Live Screen Monitoring

Live Screen Monitoring (new in 5.2)

Live monitoring of screens reveals agents’ desktop, so the manager can act based on complete information.

LiveMON is a Java-based application that does not require local installation, and is launched directly from a web browser.

Real Time

Real Time

Team leaders can assist agents with their conversations and record calls and screens based on agent performance and attached data. 



Directly flag and comment on calls on the fly. Leverage this data for other quality processes within ScoreCARD.



Built to perform in large enterprises and multi-site deployments, even enables monitoring home-based agents.


More Features

  • Click on a particular call to listen to it live without any noticeable delay using your computer speakers or headset.
  • The application is Java-based and requires no local installation - simply launch it directly from a web browser.
  • Start the recording, as required, even in the middle of a call; the recording is captured from the very beginning.
  • Reflects and respects the security and hierarchy of your organization: Supervisors can monitor the calls of agents under their supervision only
  • LiveMON is integrated with ZOOM CallREC and utilizes its access rights and recording abilities.

Technical Specification

Java Webstart

  • Using Java Webstart will ensure that the required and most recent version of the Java runtime Environment (JRE) is installed.

Contact Center Support

  • Integrated with the contact center platform to display attached data as a part of the call.


  • Java client application started directly from the ZOOM CallREC GUI.
  • Flagged and commented calls can be retrieved in ZOOM CallREC using advanced search possibilities.
  • Support for single and multi-site installations–one centralized solution.



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