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 Reliable Cisco Call Recording

CallREC is an interaction recording solution for Cisco contact centers and unified communications environments. It scales from on-demand usage in small business up to large distributed contact center architectures.




Video Introduction of
Cisco Call Recording

See how a contact center manager uses CallREC. Search for calls or replay, tag, and send them for further evaluation. Simple as that!



Basic CallREC Features

CallREC - Cisco Call Recording Application User Interface

 Search for calls using advanced criteria

Search for calls based on stackable conditions, including attached data from Cisco call center platforms. Save searches as filters for future quick actions.

 Replay the whole interactions

Get an instant overview of how a conversation developed over time, visualize all segments, and replay whole interactions. Advanced replaying functions help evaluators to focus on selected parts of conversation.


Contact Center Integration

Contact Center Integration

Search, display and leverage contact center attached data for consecutive CRM processes. Get high level understanding of conversations thanks to our deep integration with contact center platforms such as Cisco UCCE and Cisco UCCX.

Media Lifecycle Management icon

Manage Media Lifecycle

Manage all recorded media centrally and define a specific management life cycle for each interaction type. Manage your disk space usage in line with your compliance recording and storage requirements.

Meet Compliance Requirements Icon

Meet Compliance Requirements

Meet and enforce your PCI-DSS compliance policies with automatic pause and resume functionality, encryption, password management, auditing, granular access, and permissions. helps you meet compliance requirements for hIPAA, SEC 17a-3 and 4, and SOx.

More about PCI-DSS compliance >>>


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Supported Platforms

CallREC fully supports and integrates with the Cisco, Genesys and Avaya IP telephony and contact center platforms. Learn more >>>

Supported Scenarios

Supported conversation types and call flows include various scenarios such as IVR interactions, call hold, transfer, conference and more.


Technical Specifications

Active Recording for Cisco and more

Full integration with Cisco, Genesys and Avaya active recording interfaces to provide a stable and reliable recording solution.
Legacy passive or hybrid recording methods are available for compatibility purposes.

VMware Appliance

ZOOM CallREC can be easily installed using the VMware Virtual Appliance.
Runs next to Cisco UC applications on the Cisco Unified Computing System to optimize hardware usage.

Self–monitoring and watchdogs

ZOOM CallREC features self-monitoring and watchdogs that keep an eye on the running installation.
Warnings are triggered by a SNMP trap or by an e-mail to the administrators.
Each ZOOM CallREC installation can be connected to ZOOM Sentinel and monitored by ZOOM's technical support center.

Calls are saved in popular MP3 format

ZOOM CallREC transcodes all phone calls into MP3 format, regardless of which codec is used on the IP telephony network.
Recordings are smaller in size but remain in high quality stereo format.

Open and well documented API for 3rd party integration

It is easy to integrate ZOOM CallREC with 3rd party applications such as CRM systems and internal databases.
A well-documented WEB API including a sample code is available to simplify the integration.

Integration options:

Built-in support for Cisco UCC Express and Enterprise
Built-in support for Genesys Contact Center
Java and web based API for 3rd party application integration

High Availability and Scalability

ZOOM CallREC is integrated with and deeply supports High Availability options.

Supported conversation scenarios

Supported conversation types and call flows include various scenarios starting with the customer calling to the IVR, being transferred to an agent, as well as all ranges of related call operations such as call hold, transfer, conference and many more. Please note that different call flows and operations may differ between different telephony platforms. See product documentation for full details.

Encryption and Key Management

Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS12, JKS, JCEKS)
Industry standard encryption algorithms (AES, DES, Blowfish)
Encryption of recorded calls and captured screens
Support for multiple keys and random usage
Re-encryption support

Freedom of OS Platform Choice

Select CentOS or Linux RedHat Enterprise as your preferred operating system depending on your requirements.

PostgreSQL or Oracle Database

Choose between PostgreSQL or Oracle depending on your standardization or sizing requirements. Mixed deployments are supported.

Supported audio formats:

MP3 (adjustable bitrate)

Supported payloads for recorded audio:

G.711 a–Law / µ–Law
G.722 (wideband)
G.729 (with Annexes A, B, AB)


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