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Comprehensive Quality Management

ScoreCARD is an integrated, flexible, and easy-to-use solution that saves valuable time and money when evaluating agents and increases overall contact center performance. Built with usability in mind and enhanced with Speech Analytics, ScoreCARD is the single best solution for reaching your business goals.





 See Actionable Data

ScoreCARD Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Fully customizable with widgets, lets you see the whole picture of your contact center’s performance on a single page. Drill down for more information–start your QM process here.

ScoreCARD Reporting Screen

Advanced Reporting

Leverage a full set of pre-built reports to track every aspect of your contact center’s overall performance down to a single agent. Create custom reports that match individual management needs. 


Empower Contact Center Agents 

Evaluations Made Easy

Schedule and perform evaluations to address specific business needs using structured, pre-built, or customized questionnaires.

Need help with aligning ScoreCARD to your business processes? Learn more about
Performance Booster projects. 


ScoreCARD Grading Form - replay and evaluate the interaction


scorecard universal player 1

Integrated Speech Analytics

Take your quality management to the next level with Interaction screen and Speech Analytics. 

By having speech tags in all interactions identified, you can focus only on the calls that need attention.

Learn more about Speech Analytics >>>





Calibration sessions ensure agent evaluations are fair by comparing agent scores from various evaluators.



Provides feedback to agents together with study materials to improve their score. Two-way feedback is incorporated in every aspect of the evaluation process.



Capture customer feedback after the call and analyze survey results in a reporting suite. Configure a survey based on attached call data.


Technical Specifications


Czech, Danish, German, English (US, UK), Spanish, French, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Russian


User Integration & Synchronization

Enjoy user management features that allow you to seamlessly synchronize and authenticate users between ZOOM CallREC and Cisco
or Genesys contact center platforms. User information about agents, evaluators and supervisors is automatically updated based on changes made in the integrated contact center platform.


Export Data to Excel
Export any viewable data or reports to Excel for further offline processing or analysis.

Percentages, Points and Grades
Select a scoring mechanism that fits your existing processes and best practices.

Export and Import Questionnaires
Import industry standard questionnaires and export questionnaires for sharing or migration purposes.

Contact Center and CRM Integration
Use attached data for searching and selection purposes during evaluation planning.

CallREC UI Integration
Launch ZOOM ScoreCARD directly from the ZOOM CallREC application



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