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US Cloud Accelerator Program

After three years in cloud based SaaS call recording, we have launched the US Cloud Accelerator Program for channel partners looking to capitalize on cloud-based contact center opportunities.

US Cloud Accelerator Program
Accelerate your business with us. The program was designed with a “partner first” framework in mind.




Accelerator Program Features

Flexible Contract Terms

Flexible Contract Terms

Whether you invoice your customer monthly or quarterly, ZOOM will mirror your invoice and cancellation terms to help simplify your cash flow equation.

Designed for the cloud

Designed for the Cloud

ZOOM offers a software portfolio designed for the cloud with an integration story that encompasses virtualized data centers and VDI technology.

Enhanced technical certification

Enhanced Technical Certifications

ZOOM has established technical curriculum for partners looking to offer customers different levels of support and increase service revenues.

Joint marketing funds

Joint Marketing Funds

Leverage ZOOM cloud marketing funds to generate sales leads, increase brand awareness, and educate technical prospects on the benefits of adopting cloud services.


Holistic Business Approach 

ZOOM Holistic solutions chart

Win more deals by providing your clients with ZOOM comprehensive solutions including:

Become Our Partner 

We sell 100% indirectly through our network of certified partners to provide the highest standards of service to clients. We support our certified partners with full business, marketing, and technical support to help develop their businesses.



Become ZOOM Business Partner

Expand your offering, win more deals

Leverage your pitches by providing comprehensive contact center solutions, including both technical and business related solutions. ZOOM provides a comprehensive set of tools that will make your offer complete.

Increase your overall margin

Increase your overall margin

While overall margins for contact center deals fall, grab the opportunity to increase your profit by integrating ZOOM into your projects. You can expand your business even further by providing professional services or joining our Partner Incentive Program.

Rely on ZOOM quality products

Rely on our quality products and services

Selling our solutions means providing your clients with reliable software and services that are simple to deploy, maintain, and use. Our 24/7 support is always ready to provide you with help. 


Register and protect your deals

 Protect your deals

Register your deals on the ZOOM Portal to protect them in pitches. We value the effort that our partners invest into designing deals and thus care about transparency of the deal registration process.


 Partner Incentive Program

Join our Partner Incentive Program focused on generating leads for your company. We understand that our function is not only to provide technical and consultancy products, but also to expand your marketing reach.


Power-up your promos

Get reimbursed up to 5% on every deal closed with ZOOM. Expand your business by spending the reimbursement on promotion. Let us help you market similar tasks. 



ZOOM Certification 

By becoming a ZOOM Certified Partner, you get the best selling experience. Leverage our progressive discount structure as well as marketing and sales support that will help you drive your business further down the road.


Partnership level





Discount level 1 Signed NDA


Discount level 2
Marketing support
Can deliver professional services
Can quote CallREC Lite
Signed NDA, Partner Contract
Annual revenue commit per region


Discount level 3 (highest)
Marketing support
Can deliver professional services
Can quote all single server installations
Signed NDA, Partner Contract
Annual revenue commitment per region
Two ZOOM Certified Implementation Engineers

 * Please contact us for a complete list of terms and conditions.

ZOOM Strategic Partners

Our carefully-selected ZOOM technology partners, which include software vendors, hardware companies, and applications providers, are recognized world leaders in technology and help enable ZOOM to provide state-of-the-art solutions that offer the best possible value to customers.


 Cisco Compatible Icon

Cisco Systems

The long and close relationship between ZOOM and Cisco has been (and still is) the driver for the truly inside-out support for the Cisco platform. See the ZOOM profile in the Cisco Solutions Catalog.



Selected by Avaya as a Technology Partner and a member of the Avaya DevConnect program. "We’re excited to build a strong partnership with Avaya and together deliver innovative customer care solutions" said Simon Vostry, Founder and CEO of ZOOM.
Genesys OEM partner


Selected by Genesys as an OEM partner, the ZOOM QM Suite is offered worldwide as Genesys Quality Management to meet the demanding enterprise requirements for performance, scalability and robustness. 

 ZOOM Teleopti WFO Solution


We have selected Teleopti to become our strategic partner for WFM. Together we deliver a flexible, scalable and comprehensive WFO solution for contact centers Teleopti WFM.


Sipera Systems

ZOOM is proud to a partner with Sipera in providing a tested reference architecture for secure and flexible call recording. Sipera’s depth of knowledge in the security arena matched with ZOOM’s IP telephony expertise is a powerful combination. See the ZOOM Profile on Sipera's webpage.



ZOOM products natively support the Oracle RDBMS to match customers' enterprise volume– and performance needs. Small and medium business customers may choose to use PostgreSQL as a lightweight and cost–effective solution. 

 vmware logo


As a VMware technology alliance partner, ZOOM fully supports data center virtualization to optimize the usage of customers' resources. ZOOM product distributions are made available as VMware virtual images. See the ZOOM profile at vmware.com.

 Red Hat Llinux

Red Hat

ZOOM customers are able to choose between product distributions for CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise depending on their individual needs. Visit the Red Hat homepage.

Training Courses

We provide training courses for our partners and customers, fostering the delivery of superior QM Suite professional services.

Our courses are developed by our highly experienced trainers and tailored to both presales and technical staff. Presales courses involve the business and technical presales phases and are designed to foster the knowledge and skills required to position, present, and provide ZOOM solutions and project support during the presales cycle. Technical courses are focused on providing detailed deployment, installation, configuration, administration, and support knowledge to your technical staff. 

The courses address the typical inquiries and challenges faced by our partners when working with QM Suite. Upon successful completion of the course exam, participants receive a certificate of achievement, thereby opening the door to advanced partnership and support opportunities.

Partners who have two ZOOM Certified Professionals on staff are eligible for Gold Partner status and a broad range of marketing and sales support. 

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Generate Revenue

Generate Revenue

Get additional revenue by providing clients with professional services that include the deployment and maintenance of ZOOM solutions.

Get closer to clients

Get Closer to Clients

Increasing technical expertise also means more opportunities to talk directly to clients, which helps to develop closer relationships.


100 % recommended


ZOOM Professional in May 2014
"[It is] one of the best training sessions I've ever attended in my professional life." ZOOM Certified Expert Bartosz Sokolowski, ATENDE

"Learning material and instructors are perfect. I liked how instructors openly and in easy to understand way shared their knowledge and explained how ZOOM QM Suite components interact (real technical "deep dive"). By comparison your training is at the same level as Cisco Live deep dive session or CCIE bootcamps." ZOOM Certified Expert Vytauts Jankevičius, UAB Santa Monica Networks



I want to be ZOOM Certified Professional I want to be ZOOM Certified Expert


This course is aimed at technical staff. Become a ZOOM Certified Professional and provide premier professional services with every project. Acquire the necessary skills and technical expertise for implementing and supporting ZOOM QM Suite, including single and cluster server configuration, inter-module communication, and Media Lifecycle Management.

This highly technical course is geared toward technical staff with extensive practical knowledge of our products. The technical scope of this course extends beyond that of our other courses, involving an in-depth review of cluster deployment, log files, various scripts and tools, database schema, high-availability deployment, and upgrading procedures. Participants are required to successfully complete the Professional Technical Training Course prior to enrollment and pass succesfully the on-line prerequisite test.


I want to be Certified Presales Professional

This course is designed for presales staff. Become a ZOOM Certified Presales Professional and learn how to provide exceptional service by attending this presales course. Increase your skills and expertise for presenting and designing high-caliber QM Suite solutions and providing superior project support during the presales cycle. Course subjects include an introduction to QM Suite, ZOOM consulting services, contact center integration, and QM Suite architecture requirements.


Upcoming schedule

7 September  – 11 September 2015
ZOOM Professional Technical Training

  • Become a skilled ZOOM Certified Professional to provide exceptional service on every project. Acquire the skill and technical expertise required to implement and support ZOOM Quality Management Suite.
  • 5 days in Prague, Czech Republic 
  • Topics: Introduction to ZOOM Quality Management Suite,Preparing CUCM for active recording, Call Recording interface, Single Server Configuration, Integration UCCX and UCCE, Troubleshooting common call recording issues, Live Monitoring, Screen Capture, Cluster Configuration, Media Lifecycle Management, PCI DSS, Quality Management, Speech Analytics.
  • Read more details

I want to be ZOOM Certified Professional

5 October – 7 October 2015
ZOOM Professional Pres-sales course

  • Become a skilled ZOOM Certified Pre-sales Professional to provide exceptional services on every project. Acquire the skill and technical expertise required to present and design ZOOM Quality Management Suite and support projects in the pre-sales cycle.
  • 2,5 days in Prague, Czech Republic 
  • Topics: ZOOM Quality Management Suite in contact centers, Technical Workshop, Successful Cooperation, What's Next? 
  • Read more details

I want to be ZOOM Certified Pre-sales Professional

October 2015
ZOOM Expert Technical Training

  • Become a skilled ZOOM Certified Expert to provide the highest level of professional service with every project. Go beyond the scope of all our previous courses.  
  • 5 days in Prague, Czech Republic 
  • Topics: Review of recording principles and supported platforms, Modules and inter-module communication, Database schema, Troubleshooting different scenarios and error messages, PCI DSS troubleshooting, Database maintenance, Patching, Debugging, Upgrades, High Availability deployment.
  • Read more details

I want to be ZOOM Expert

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