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Deeply Integrated Speech Analytics

We offer a powerful speech analytics solution for small and large organizations that enables mining calls for customer satisfaction patterns. Our solution generates compelling out-of-the-box reports that provide organizations with detailed actionable intelligence for every single customer interaction.




Meet ZOOM SpeechREC

Mine customer conversations to identify why customers call. Speech analytics finds hidden insights in conversations and identifies customer needs and the root causes of issues. It can also monitor the level of the agent's compliance with contact center scripts and regulations.





The Power of Speech Tags

SpeechREC makes configuring speech tags really simple. All you have to do is define a group of speech tags that will address specific issues and populate the group with relevant phrases. No need to enter phonetic characters and no complicated setups. Only real world phrases in the natural language of your choice. We currently support six world languages and will soon release many new language packs. Dealing with common contact center challenges has never been easier.


Average Handling Time

Average Handling Time

Discover inefficiencies in agents' interactions in order to improve the time spent with each customer. The phrase "Please give me a moment" indicates precious wasted time and an opportunity for improvement. SpeechREC spotlights these performance leaks right out of the box with a comprehensive set of predefined speech tags.



Gain total confidence that your agents ask specific questions and provide the necessary information. Say goodbye to browsing through hundreds of calls just to hear a phrase like "Don't forget to visit your physician if your problem persists." SpeechREC does the hard work for you and instantly searches for missing parts of the conversation.


Basic Quality Management Workflow

Speech Analytics Screenshot 1

Search for calls Search for calls

Instantly find calls containing important information. Define filters based on groups of speech tags that address specific issues like average handle time or compliance phrases.

View details of identified callsView details of identified calls

See a list of relevant calls in a customizable report. Simply sort your list of results to focus on the most important issues.

Listen to callsListen to calls

Play recorded calls with just one click within the search results window. Calls are visualized by sound waves with different colors for agents' and customers' speech. Listen to the whole conversation, or go directly to the part of call that contains the chosen speech tag.

Schedule evaluationsSchedule evaluations

Keep your focus – quickly and effectively plan evaluations within the same window.


Embedded Universal Player

Replaying interactions with the Universal Player

Visualizer Visualizer

See the whole interaction as a multicolor waveform with identified speech tags. Colors represent who is currently speaking: agent, customer, and cross-talk.

Replay tweaks Replay tweaks

Replay the interaction faster, select only one channel to listen to, or open the window with a recorded agent desktop. Three numbers represent the percentage of time an agent and a customer talk, as well as the percentage of cross-talk.

Watch captured screens Watch captured screens

Watch the desktop recording as a whole with the magnifying glass or watch the whole recording in a separate window for greater detail.


Empower contact center agents with speech analytics

ZOOM Speech Analytics empower contact center managers, allowing them to set their team's development in the right direction.



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