The defining characteristic of ZOOM Int. is our dedication to serving the needs of others. We take pride in going the extra mile and the feedback we receive spurs us onward.

A recent quote from a ZOOM Int. partner:

“thank you Zoom Team for the quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each project, and the way you conduct business as a whole. You always make us look good in front of our customers. We have, and will continue to offer your product & services to other companies and contacts. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship”

Mohit Bawa
Principal, MDS Global IT


It was the first time I had heard of ZOOM… we quickly learned that ZOOM was a very strong competitor, just somebody that we never were introduced to before… You weren't just trying to sell it to us. It seemed like you were just very proud of what you had to offer, very passionate. Brian Yost, Amerigas
[ZOOM has] given us a clear view of what our agents are doing on the phones. It allowed us to listen to their calls, and to coach and develop our agents. Without the ZOOM quality management or the call rec system, we would not be able to have that process in place. Patrice Chance
Memorial Hermann Health Services
The QM is a good tool for us to use to help with our team member knowledge. We can see issues and things that they need to improve on, and we look at that through the QM process.Derrick Harper
Guest Services Manager at PCI Wind Creek
[ZOOM is] a company that actually love(s) solving problems and, as an engineer, I love that. I love solving problems for my customers. Kevin Parrett
VP, Contact Center at Presidio

Customer Stories


Finansbank was obliged to purchase a recording system to meet their legal obligations for recording all calls made and received by employees in the head office and all company branches.

"The difference between ZOOM and other vendors is that they showed great flexibility during implementation, and they provide very fast and effective support if issues arise."

TAURON needed a fully modern contact center that met all internal security requirements for High Availability (HA), data storage and encryption. As a result TAURON is now recording 100% of all calls, with an internal audit confirming that all security requirements are being met.

“Implementation went smoothly, and the production stage confirmed the high quality. As a result we increased the number of licenses and now have over 500 seats recorded by ZOOM.”

The company decided to centralize their contact centers and update their purely manual quality processes to incorporate modern electronic tools. After researching their options, they chose ScoreCARD as their quality management (QM) solution.

"ZOOM is very straightforward – [their] interface is simple and it is pretty much aligned with what other contact center solutions in the world do."
Egyption Amb logo

Egyptian Ambulance Organization selected ZOOM CallREC to record calls for compliant investigations and security purposes.

"I am very satisfied with working with ZOOM. ZOOM helped me. They have good project managers who help me all the time with my projects."

Improving First Call Resolution: The customers' FCR was improved using ZOOM ScoreCARD with integrated Speech Analytics.

"We managed to increase FCR in several groups of calls. In some of them, the increase was up to 18%. [In total], we increased FCR by 1.5%–1.7% after implementing ZOOM SpeechREC. FCR is a very important KPI for us and we considered [this increase] to be a good result...we plan to continue [to improve]."

Quality Management Productivity: The quality management (QM) department did not meet Rostelecom’s monthly call monitoring target. Rostelecom was considering hiring more quality monitors – a recurring expense.

"We are very satisfied that we managed to increase the productivity of the QM managers by 20%. [ZOOM] helped money on the operations costs and [we could] use [the funds] for the further development of our contact centre."

Reducing Average Handling Time: The Technical Support Service Department in the call center processes approximately 600,000 calls per month. At the start of the year, AHT (Average Handling Time) was 8:10 minutes, a clear space for improvement.

"Reducing the AHT by 1:35 minutes is a very good achievement for us, as it has a direct impact on our main operating costs. We can say that 30% of this saving was achieved by unifying the skill set of the agents, and 70% of the effect was reached by improved coaching and control."
Ceska P_logo

Ceska Pojistovna needed a user-friendly tool to provide clear reporting and to randomly select calls according to clearly defined parameters. Reaching a 15% increase in QM productivity was the result of simplified reporting and centralized collection and storage.

“ScoreCARD is one main tool for evaluation which can be administered from one place even when the contact center has large numbers of agents in many sites handling many different projects and services. It is very user friendly and we can change things ourselves easily such as evaluation forms without constantly requesting technical assistance.”

CEC Bank set up their contact center to handle telephone banking transactions. Call Recording was selected as the recording system to ensure all calls and screens were recorded for compliance and liability management purposes. Quality management (QM) is seen as essential in order to maximize agent professionalism.

“The two applications enable me to make proper evaluations and develop agents’ professional skills. The agents realize they need to improve [in] many more areas by listening to their own calls. They can hear what I hear.”