Engineering at ZOOM

a FAQ on software engineering, Devops, QA, Product Management, and TEch support Jobs at ZOOM

We ARE NOT hiring “ok” software engineers.

We ARE only hiring “great” software engineers (and students too).

We are hiring the best software engineers, DevOps, and QA engineers from the Czech Republic (for our Prague office), Slovakia (in particular Košice, where we are opening an office), and other parts of Central Europe. If you are a really strong software engineer in some remote location, we will consider this too.

We want to hire people who continuously improve their craft ... not just coding ... but critical thinking, communications, and team cohesion.

If you aren’t this person, stop reading. Please. Don’t apply.

Or, find the open jobs here.


 FAQ #2: Why do we want only the best?

We are entering a new chapter in ZOOM’s life. We are embarking on a journey to reinvent how software impacts our industry. Our software is going to fundamentally change contact center operations (both business and IT ops), which means it will fundamentially change how companies improve their customer experience.

To do that, we want to hire the best software engineers that Central Europe has to offer.

FAQ #3: What should you bring to the table?

First, a love for writing code that turns into something really cool (and creates both business and technical value). Then what? Motivation, ownership of cause and effect, high IQ, passion about technology, no political agenda, talent at programming in Java/Scala/Python/Typescript, cloud-native and DevOps experience, an agile process mindset, and an interest in streaming media, customer experience, and contact center operations and applications.

Our job descriptions explain more >>

FAQ #4: What are the top 5 reasons software developers should work at ZOOM?


We are solving really interesting engineering problems and growing.

We are building smart, cloud-native applications for hybrid environments.

We are using Java, Scala, Apache Solr™, Apache Kafka™, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Spring Boot, Rabbit MQ, and many other open source technologies to build customer experience apps and streaming media platforms.

We have been on Deloitte’s European Technology Fast 50 Growth List for six years and the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list—but the world is changing to the next set of app platforms, and, so are we. 


We are a "mid-sized startup" based in Central Europe, and our customers LOVE us.

Our HQ is in Prague. We serve 1600+ customers and 350+ partners in 90+ countries.

Unlike a startup, you don’t have to risk a salary when money runs out. Unlike a huge company, you don’t have to be a little cog in big machine. We're the best of both.

Our customers also love us! We consistently have one of the best customer satisfaction scores in the world (82+ Net Promoter Score).

This isn't possible without great software engineering and tech support.


Evil managers suck. We really, really don't like them. Who does?

No one. We demand vision, leadership, innovation, communications, solid thinking, and good decision-making from management.

We want every engineer, tech lead, and manager to contribute to a great engineering culture. We also don’t like average teammates. We want our engineering department to be the best in Central Europe.

We want engineers and managers who don’t just want customers to be satisfied, we want customers to 100% love using our software because our code is exceptional.


We care about our employees, and this is not BS. Who you are and what you do matters.

If you know someone at ZOOM or get to interview with the team, ask us about it.

People, their families, and their satisfaction with the company (including the leadership team) are all important. It’s not BS. We actually do regular, anonymous employee surveys and share them with the company. We are pretty transparent about where we need to improve.

We rarely have "weekend overtime" needs and pay people extra when we do.

We hire our teams to have heart and do the right thing for the customer and each other.


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We have a bright future ahead of us, and people can grow their careers with us.

We’ve had strong growth for a decade with a legacy architecture.

Now, we are putting a stake in the ground with our product and engineering teams.

Our new architecture is exceptional. Our agile processes are considered best-in-class.

We see engineering team growth ahead.

We are going to reinvent how companies manage contact center operations and the customer experience. This means "smart," data-driven apps are in the future too.


Ready to Join? Up for a challenge? Want to see what's it's like here?

We have open job openings for technical leads, developers, quality assurance engineers, front-end developers, support engineers, Linux gurus, continuous delivery and DevOps leaders, and more on our jobs site.

If you know someone good who is unhappy with their current employer or team, please pass this page along.

If you know great product owners, product managers, sales people, marketers, or anyone who is really good at what they do.

Please tell them we want to hire the best!

FAQ #5: Why does ZOOM exist and what are we all about?

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We exist to create great customer experiences and serve the needs of others.

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We aspire to become the world’s most loved, used, and profitable provider of customer experience solutions.

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We will be the WFO provider with the #1 ranking in customer satisfaction and loyalty according to our employees, customers & partners.

FAQ #6: What does an engineering team leader say about ZOOM engineering?


Architect and Senior Developer

  1. What are you most excited about ZOOM in general and our new product strategy? 
    I like the long term vision - it is challenging (a lot to learn), technologically interesting and I believe that the result will be useful for the customer. If we succeed, we will end up with company on a completely different level.
  1. What are you professionally passionate about that overlaps with what ZOOM is trying to do in the market and with our next-get technologies?
    I am a fan of big data processing using streaming architecture, especially in conjunction with microservices. I like highly distributed systems, as they are resilient to unexpected outages (when implemented correctly). Distributed systems also make scaling of the whole company much easier, when compared to traditional heavy weight monoliths.

  1. Would you recommend ZOOM to a colleague and why? What type of people should look at ZOOM for employment? 
    The company is in transition, hence it is possible to be an influential part of big changes that are currently starting. We get to design the system differently, in a better way, and shape it. We want to hire "A" class engineers. We can't afford to hire just average programmers, if we want to move rapidly in a good direction.
  1. Is there anything about our customer satisfaction scores that makes you proud? What is it? 
    It is always good to work on a product which has satisfied customers. It makes one feel that the hard work is appreciated.


>> Read the job descriptions here.


FAQ #7: What do other engineering leaders say about ZOOM engineering?

Here are answers to the same questions, but from a group panel: Matěj - Director of Engineering, Anton - Senior Java Developer, Radek - Technical Leader, and Jindřich - Technical Leader

  1. We are all excited about the new product strategy with regards to persistent queues, stream processing, and NoSQL databases as well as cloud platforms and a true DevOps process. We have an opportunity to upgrade our existing architecture in a way that applies development best practices.
  1. We are all passionate about modern, cloud-native architectures like microservices, stream oriented design, data-driven analytics applications, and containers.
  1. We would recommend ZOOM to colleagues for many, many reasons: automated continuous integration, mandatory code reviews, automated E2E tests, research, periodic hackathons, innovation inside a “legacy industry,” 1600+ on-premise implementations over the world, an international company where English is required and used on a daily basis, a relatively flat company structure (get to meet and actually talk to the CEO who is up to 3 managers above you), flexible work schedule (with work from home support, agile development, JIRA, physical Kanban board, single PO, single backlog, stand-ups, customer reviews, retrospectives, grooming, planning, an in-house UX designer, and transparent product decisions and roadmap based on market research.
  1. It’s always nice to build something that users love while also being very proud of an effectively engineered solution. While nothing is perfect, our customers like what we build.


FAQ #8: What do executives say about ZOOM engineering?

Brian, CEO:

First, engineers who are considering ZOOM should know I am a geek at heart—my undergrad degree is in biochemistry and molecular biology. I truly love and respect great engineering. Second, we are going to apply technology to our industry in a way that has never been done before and continue our strong growth track record. Three, we have built an outstanding sales org and services org during my time leading those two teams. Now, I am absolutely committed to helping our VP of Engineering take our engineering org to the next level. We want, need, and respect great engineering talent who can solve business problems and play well with others.

We pay well too. Two key tenets of our company culture are a) serving others and b) mastering our craft—improving ourselves. Of course, we also want to solve cool engineering problems, have fun, and avoid bullshit as much as possible ;-). If you are really good at what you do, please submit your CV.

Igor, VP Engineering:

I have worked at both the big engineering orgs (e.g. Avast, CA Technologies, Cisco, Valeo) and startups (e.g. Jumpshot and Navicom). I also worked at ZOOM a few years back. I came back to ZOOM nine months ago to help envision a technology strategy and architecture while turning our engineering org into a world-class department. If you want to join a company where you can have start-up opportunities, big company paychecks, and influence key decisions, then come talk to us.


Bill, VP Products:

Before joining ZOOM, I spent eight years building Interactive Intelligence from the ground up. I owned the product API layer, and we were a recognized leader in Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). We grew like crazy, and I saw it from the ground floor to the top. We had strong collaboration with engineers there, and we are doing the same thing here. If you are a great engineer, come help us use next-gen development platforms to build truly smart contact center optimization software.

Adam, VP Marketing:

While I have spent most of my career in CRM “on the business growth side” in product marketing roles, I love software engineering. I am one who appreciates that software engineers are the ones who are leading this new era of smart apps. Pick whatever marketing buzzword you want—cloud native, microservices, Kubernetes, Kafka, natural language processing—ZOOM is building the next gen of this stuff in our industry.

Just before ZOOM, I spent five years doing technical evangelism for Cloud Foundry, Hadoop, Spring (Java), RabbitMQ, Redis, MADlib (AI/ML), Apache Geode (IMDG), Greenplum (MPP), and data science services. We want to build the same type of engineering team here—a team who leads world-class projects like these. Come join us and help build that team.


FAQ #9: What is our Functionality, Runtime Stack and Developer Tooling?


Funtionality Footprint

Realtime-multimedia streaming and processing from a variety of audio and video endpoints for unified communications, compression, Mobile/SIP/WebRTC based recording for variety from small to carrier grade environments, IP based Telephony networking, cloud APIs, the new voice-interface of IoT devices (e.g. Alexa, Google Home), customer and agent experience measurement, media and interaction capture APIs (i.e. website, mobile, chat, email, IoT, etc.), tagging, enrichment, correlations, matching, advanced search, business intelligence, cloud APIs, speech analytics APIs, quality measures and reviews, workforce management, forecasting, smart recommendation apps, desktop analytics, media lifecycle management, screen recording, live monitoring, robotic process automation, recruiting, time/task management, evaluations, training/coaching, customer surveys, search engine optimization, advanced reporting/analytics, advanced scheduling/calendar, and customer/agent journey.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

A cloud technology stack including hybrid deployments, event sourcing in high availability environments, routing, authentication, app lifecycle management, server/container orchestration, data and middleware services, messaging, DevOps, automation, logging, infrastructure APIs (OS, Virtualization, Hardware), Kubernetes, Terraform, and Cloud Foundry.

Data and Middleware Services

Transactional and reference data storage (PostgreSQL), search queries (Apache Solr), analytics/reporting (HUE – Cloudera w/Apache License), real-time pub/sub streaming message queues (Apache Kafka), big data processing (Apache Spark), big data storage (Apache Hadoop), modern file storage (VMs/NAS/SAN), RabbitMQ.

Developer Tooling

Java, Spring, Scala, TypeScript, Gradle, Cloud Foundry, Cloudera HUE, Swagger APIs, JIRA, Bamboo, Stash, BitBucket, GitFlow, Docker, Linux, Cucumber, Robot.


FAQ #10: What are we turning our engineering culture into?


Go research at what Netflix did to recruit engineers when they moved from DVDs via mail to an online service.

Go look at how Spotify, Twitter, Instagram,, or any of the other great companies, architectures, and engineering teams that have become name brands that are known for engineering talent.

That is what we are building, and we need more people who want to be part of something like this.

 FAQ #11: What should You do next after reading this?

If you like what you are reading, and you are a great software engineer (or one in the making),
then read about our open positions and submit your CV.

Find a Job at ZOOM!