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Fundamentals of Contact Center Analytics

Contact centers typically collect data to help assess agent performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and resolve disputes – internally-focused tasks. But contact center analytics can examine captured conversations to detect customer perspectives on products, services, and more, as well as search for the root cause of specific performance factors.

You'll gain deep insight into the concerns and sentiments of your customers, resulting in enhanced customer service, improved efficiency and performance, and greater competitive advantage.

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Actionable Gamification

How do you motivate your agents to excel? Make everyday work fun with gamification.

Gamification helps contact centers boost employees’ motivation, as it appeals to their natural desires for self-satisfaction, achievement, and self-expression.

You'll learn how you can add performance leaderboards, achievement badges, or points to your day-to-day contact center life and support employee engagement, onboarding and retention.

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Get Ready for the Chatbot Revolution

Chatbots – robots that simulate one-to-one human conversation – create a seamless experience for customers, who can text message your business, like they would a friend, and get a quick response 24/7 to check order status, make purchases, take surveys and pay bills.

You'll see a comprehensive live demo of how you can:

  • Provide a new customer service channel to your digital native customers,
  • Create your first bot and train it using the latest Facebook framework,
  • Track performance, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

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Introducing ZOOM Performance Analytics

ZOOM Performance Analytics simplifies decision-making by tearing down the walls that separate data silos.

In this incredibly actionable session, Simon will show how ZOOM Performance Analytics combines data from multiple data systems into one unified view so you can see exactly what is happening in your contact center and make informed decisions every day.




zoom catalogue

ZOOM Solution Catalogue

Overview of ZOOM products and services in 2015/2016



Agent Attrition

Empower your contact center agents with ZOOM Quality Management Suite.


Partner Up!

Expand your portfolio of contact center and back office solutions with ZOOM products.




Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report

Want to serve customers better and more cost effectively while getting valuable information about every interaction? Download this analyst report, from DMG Consulting LLC, and learn why ZOOM is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction.


Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide 2015

Contact center go-to experts ContactBabel released a major annual report studying the performance, operations, technology and HR aspects of contact center operations.





Keeping agents in your contact center

Understanding your agents helps to keep the best ones. This free ebook is designed to give you the basics for how to understand and retain the call center talent you need to succeed.


Getting Started with QM

Get best practices in Quality Management from around the world. If you want to get some new ideas about quality management in contact centers, get your personal copy today.




What is workforce management

There are six processes Workforce Management can help you improve your customer service operations – forecasting, planning, scheduling, operating, reporting, and performance analysis. This whitepaper is a highly readable, foundational introduction to all six, giving you a solid grasp of the fundamentals of using WFM successfully.


Yes, you need speech analytics

Speech analytics can be confusing – you know it has benefits, but you're not sure what they are or how to get them. This free whitepaper is written in conversational English to give you a thorough introduction to speech technology – what it is, how it works, how it can help you, best practices and how to figure ROI to see if it's right for you.


Customer journey mapping

You want your customers to have a good experience at every step of their journey with you, so it’s essential that you map out that journey, step by step. This whitepaper is designed to give you the basics for how to identify, assess and improve every step your customers take in their journey with you, to retain your current customers and attract new ones.


PCI DSS in Contact Centers

Many contact centers handle sensitive customer payment card information on a daily basis. As a result, adoption of the PCI DSS by all payment card companies presents a huge challenge. This white paper is designed to help you understand the impact PCI DSS has on your agents, as well as your recording and storing of interactions.