“For Radius, selecting the right partner with whom we can build a long-standing professional relationship is as important as the technology itself.

Our interaction with Zoom International was a positive engagement from the outset; we quickly realized that we weren’t just ‘another customer’ and it was evident that they were keen to understand our workforce optimization strategy and work collaboratively alongside our existing unified comms partner, Natilik, to deliver a world class solution”.

        -Tim Browning, IT Director, Radius Payment Solutions

NATILIK & ZOOM recently worked with us to on a focused project to engage with out contact center users of ZOOM, show them what is possible, improve knowledge, optimize their processes and generally improve usage of their quality management.  Here are some notable outcomes from the project:

  • 12% increase in call recording (QM users have doubled!)
  • Users were not keen to be called “agents” – due to negative connotations - but once they have been able to see the outputs, reports etc. Minds were forever changed!
  • QM evaluations of calls has increased and allowed users to spot more opportunities, reduce bad demand and improve continuity of Customer Service.
  • Across all of these things new projects are involving more of the business earlier on.
[ZOOM has] given us a clear view of what our agents are doing on the phones. It allowed us to listen to their calls, and to coach and develop our agents. Without the ZOOM quality management or the call rec system, we would not be able to have that process in place. Patrice Chance
Memorial Hermann Health Services
The QM is a good tool for us to use to help with our team member knowledge. We can see issues and things that they need to improve on, and we look at that through the QM process.Derrick Harper
Guest Services Manager at PCI Wind Creek
[ZOOM is] a company that actually love(s) solving problems and, as an engineer, I love that. I love solving problems for my customers. Kevin Parrett
VP, Contact Center at Presidio


ZOOM 6.4 Webinar

Announcing ZOOM 6.4, which includes GDPR support, pervasive media capture integrations with Amazon Connect, AudioCodes and Microsoft Skype for business as well as a new analytics package, NPS capabilities and cloud native monitoring suite.

Watch our webinar to learn about our most innovative release in nearly 20 years. 

Skype for Business Webinar

Does your contact center or back office team use Microsoft Skype for Business to interact with your customers?  If so ZOOM can provide compliance recording, and quality management for those teams. Watch our webinar to learn more about the ZOOM Skype for Business integration and features. 

ZOOM Performance Analytics

ZOOM knows that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. To that end, we have brought a full analytics package to market in support of our WFO suite.  ZOOM Performance Analytics (ZPA) is easy to use, pre-configured, contact center focused and comprehensive.  Watch our short overview video to learn more!

Reports, White Papers, & eBooks


PCI DSS Compliance & Call Recording

Compliance standards are ever evolving, creating greater risk to revenue within contact centers as recordings of cardholder information are stored in quality management systems. This white paper outlines challenges and how ZOOM resolves them.



Getting Started with QM

Get best practices in Quality Management from around the world. If you want to get some new ideas about quality management in contact centers, get your personal copy today.


Keeping agents in your contact center

Understanding your agents helps to keep the best ones. This free ebook is designed to give you the basics for how to understand and retain the call center talent you need to succeed.


MiFID II Compliance with ZOOM

In it, we explain our support for MiFID II, which is a very simple, quick to implement, and low-cost way to ensure your ZOOM Call Recording or ZOOM Quality Management products address the regulations.


Omni-Channel QA Best Practices for Contact Centers

To improve the customer experience, engage agents and eliminate risk, enterprises should build omni-channel QA programs and implement them as soon as possible. This white paper provides best practices to help companies build an effective omni-channel QA program for their contact centers.

FCR in an Omni-Channel World

FCR in an Omni-Channel World

Organizations need a performance management environment that captures all aspects of the customer journey and the actions taken to address the issue at each step of the process. This white paper will explain how to calculate FCR, discuss the applications needed to collect and analyze the business intelligence, and provide the steps for getting started.

Delivering Great Service in an Omni-Channel World

Delivering Great Service in an Omni-Channel World

To deliver an outstanding customer experience (CX), companies need the right resources, practices and technology working together to give agents the information they need in real time so they can help resolve customers’ issues. When analytics is interjected into the process, it takes service to the next level, as it enables agents to personalize the experience for each customer.


Learn How to ZOOM in on Stellar Customer Experience by downloading this white paper from Frost & Sullivan.

The white paper from Frost & Sullivan provides actionable steps to move the needle on CX Improvement, describes how analytics can help you hone in, and explains how critical customer emotion is for retention and engagement.


Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report

Want to serve customers better and more cost effectively while getting valuable information about every interaction? Download this analyst report, from DMG Consulting LLC, and learn why ZOOM is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction.


PCI DSS in Contact Centers

Many contact centers handle sensitive customer payment card information on a daily basis. As a result, adoption of the PCI DSS by all payment card companies presents a huge challenge. This white paper is designed to help you understand the impact PCI DSS has on your agents, as well as your recording and storing of interactions.


Customer journey mapping

You want your customers to have a good experience at every step of their journey with you, so it’s essential that you map out that journey, step by step. This whitepaper is designed to give you the basics for how to identify, assess and improve every step your customers take in their journey with you, to retain your current customers and attract new ones.


Yes, you need speech analytics

Speech analytics can be confusing – you know it has benefits, but you're not sure what they are or how to get them. This free whitepaper is written in conversational English to give you a thorough introduction to speech technology – what it is, how it works, how it can help you, best practices and how to figure ROI to see if it's right for you.


What is workforce management

There are six processes Workforce Management can help you improve your customer service operations – forecasting, planning, scheduling, operating, reporting, and performance analysis. This whitepaper is a highly readable, foundational introduction to all six, giving you a solid grasp of the fundamentals of using WFM successfully.