Customer Satisfaction is #1 priority


It takes both great products and great services for customers and partners to truly be satisfied.

This is where ZOOM excels - we are #1 in Customer Satisfaction within the WFO industry and have an 86 Net Promoter Score®.

Why Customers & Partners Pick ZOOM

Why ZOOM is #1 in Customer Satisfaction

While we have award-winning, analyst-vouching, market-leading products, we are also #1 in customer satisfaction because of our people - the ZOOM consulting, professional services, training, and support engineering teams.

These six points prove one thing—we know how to keep customers satisfied.

  1. Across 1500+ customers in 90 countries, our Net Promoter Score® is 83 - putting us on the leaderboard for NPS® across any company, of any size, in any industry around the world.
  2. DMG interviewed WFO customers across the industry, and ZOOM was the only vendor recognized with a perfect score of 5.0 - all of our customer references said they were completely satisfied across all ten satisfaction categories.
  3. Gartner placed us in the WFO magic quadrant for four years in a row, referencing our services as a core strength.
  4. We have won dozens of industry awards.
  5. Our company culture, people, process, technology, and metrics are designed to deliver the best customer satisfaction of any WFO vendor.
  6. We use our own products - from Call Recording to ZOOM Performance Analytics - and run our own mission-critical call center.
ZOOM Technical Support - Our Standard isn't Standard

How Our Technical Support is Unique

1. We Believe Product and Technical Support are One
We think differently about our customer’s relationship to software - customers don’t care whose fault it is - they want the issue fixed fast. In other words, technical support is an extension of the product.

Our belief is this - we are here to serve our customers, solve issues faster than humanly possible, and give our customers peace of mind. Unlike many software companies, we are NOT here to limit our responsibility. We want to take ownership of the problem. We set a high bar for collaboration with other vendors. We put our customers’ minds at ease with great communication. We are here to make the software work.

This is how we offer an unmatched customer experience.

2. Trust is Key - When things Break, Engineers Need Technical Support who is On the Hook Too

What happens when things break?
  • Call center apps are mission critical - when technical issues show up, they impact key business metrics as well as compliance and legal obligations. Business leaders often send emails to point this out.
  • From another view, IT executives measure production incidents and time-to-resolution on their dashboards. But some alerts - like call center app outages - end up on their hourly radar.
  • At the end of the day, it’s the network, voice, and call center engineers who are on the hook to get things fixed

To ZOOM - our support engineering team is on the hook too.

We are committed to satisfying you - from each or our front-line engineers to the executive team. We measure this satisfaction every day, and we know every score counts. We have managed our own ZOOM-based, multi-continent call center for 10+ years, and we have asked for satisfaction feedback on over 6,000+ support tickets. Indeed, we have the NPS® scores and testimonials to show we are on the hook - and we deliver.

3. Our Support Team Authentically Cares - or - They Don’t Belong at ZOOM
The ZOOM Technical Support team has a lot of heart.

We take pride in effective communications and take responsibility for solving problems, even when it may not be a problem with ZOOM products. This isn’t some fluffy marketing statement - we actually do this, we measure it, and we hire people who care about it. Or, they don’t belong at ZOOM.

ZOOM Standard and ZOOM Enterprise Technical Support

ZOOM Standard Technical Support
When customer engineers contact ZOOM for Standard Technical Support, we “go beyond standard.”

We don’t just troubleshoot and solve for ZOOM applications. We help troubleshoot adjacent technology - hardware, Linux OS, telephony infrastructure, database, storage, etc. We will open up a Cisco Spark room for high-efficiency, inter-company collaboration and faster time to resolution. We will keep the support ticket open and work with you or third parties until you are 100% satisfied.

Most companies don’t include this in the scope of their standard support.

To us, this is unacceptable - we do more because we have a higher standard.

ZOOM Enterprise Technical Support
Often, internal teams don’t spend enough time to build expertise and be proficient with WFO apps.

When something goes wrong, internal teams get worried about making changes to unfamiliar systems. Understandably, they spend 99% of their time elsewhere. At the end of the day, they just want an expert to come in and do it - after all, it usually saves time, money, risk, and headaches.

ZOOM Enterprise Support gives customers additional peace of mind. On top of Standard Technical Support, we add administrative and monitoring services to manage the platform proactively. This means fewer production issues and less impact to business metrics.

ZOOM Enterprise Support includes the following additional services, performed by our team of experts:

  1. ZOOM Server OS patching and administrative support
  2. ZOOM application patching and administrative support
  3. ZOOM database (PostgreSQL only) patching, tuning, defragmentation, and administration support
  4. Data and recording moves, backups, restores, archives, and deletes
  5. Configuration for recording, data settings, and related media lifecycle management
  6. Hosted, enterprise-class monitoring
  7. Immediate alert notifications
  8. Automated, weekly health checks
  9. Annual system audits on performance, volumes, and a report with recommendations
  10. System change audit trails

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ZOOM has an 86 NPS Score for the trailing 365 days (as of 1 May 2018)!


Whether you are just getting started with ZOOM software, require targeted support, or wish to improve your contact center and back office performance, ZOOM’s consulting services will help you get there. We can work over the webex, or come to your office in order to really dive in and provide solutions for the challenges your business is facing. 

Consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Optimize contact center performance
  • Monitor, manage and change agent behaviors
  • Improve KPIs such as AHT, FCR and compliance
  • Reduce operational costs and improve agent efficiency
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

Professional Services

Get it done right every time and ensure that your rollout is as smooth as possible. ZOOM professional services help you with all aspects of the implementation and operational lifecycles in addition to project management. We will help you plan, design, install, configure and test the solution all within an agreed timescale and budget.


A successful ZOOM experience begins with a solid foundation. ZOOM Learning Center offers courses designed to give businesses and technical users the skills they need to work productively from the start. You will develop a strong ZOOM skill set to drive results faster and get the most out of the product.

Get hands-on experience through webinars, public classrooms or self-paced online training.

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