Simply listening to agent conversations without actually seeing what they see will never provide you with a complete understanding of their performance.

Our solution captures, records and allows review of every interaction type in a single product and workflow. 

Quality Reviews for recorded calls and screens share a single workflow to make reviewing easier and more efficient.


Working in customer-facing departments requires that a number of highly complex business processes are mastered. Systems change and evolve in your contact center. Having a good understanding of how efficiently new agents work at their desktop is critical.

With Screen Capture you can record an employee’s actions taken on screen in addition to the call. The call recording and screen capture are synchronized at playback so that evaluators can simultaneously see and hear what was happening. This provides powerful insight into agent performance, highlights opportunities for improvement within systems while supporting improvements in customer service.

Our solutions can be tailored for back office teams or  contact centers and include industry specific features for finance, healthcare and university companies who need broader coverage for radios or additional compliance features. 

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Capture agent screens from the beginning of the conversation until the end of ‘wrap-up’ time in order to obtain a complete understanding of the entire interaction with the customer.

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Explore conversations by listening to voice recordings and viewing agent screens. Identify key issues related to your workflow and training processes.

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Identify best practices, help train employees, improve effectiveness in usage of new applications while identifying business process errors, as well as inappropriate or unproductive activities.



Define flexible recording rules to capture only what you need. Configure the quality of screen recordings to meet your network, storage and business needs.

Protection of sensitive data

Automated Pause and Resume functionality blacks out the screen so no sensitive data is visible on agents’ desktops to ensure compliance with legal obligations.

Encryption and Security

Recorded screens are encrypted as needed to meet PCI DSS compliance requirements or to ensure high standards of customer data protection.

Storage Management

Manage your storage rules for call and screen captures separately. Delete screen captures while retaining recorded calls for compliance purposes.

Home Workers

Screen capture ensures even remote or at-home workers receive the same standard of training and coaching as the rest of the organization.

Fraud Protection

Screen recording is often a way of identifying outstanding performance but it can also capture unauthorized activity and fraudulent behavior.

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