Call Recording

Ensure compliance

The contact center is a strategic connection point between you and your customers. 

Every conversation contains a wealth of data that is worth capturing.

Recording customer conversations in contact centers and back offices is crucial for meeting regulatory and compliance requirements, for reducing overall financial risk or for presenting proof of transactions. But recording also offers an important opportunity to improve agent performance and to leverage service excellence as a competitive differentiator.

ZOOM Call Recording is a robust, scalable and easy to use solution that meets your service challenges as well as compliance obligations. Thanks to its modular architecture, Call Recording fits to your business, small or large, local or global. 

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How ZOOM Call Recording works



Select which calls to record based on your business requirements. Choose between total, random, business rules driven or on-demand recording.



Give your customer interactions context. Record conversations augmented by business data from your contact center platform and CRM system.



Quickly search, find, replay and share recorded conversations. All in a secure environment that fully respects your privacy and data access policies.

What makes us different?


While recording calls in multiple branch offices or contact center locations you will benefit from a centrally managed system that synchronizes all the interactions into one central place.


Secure your data from unauthorized access by enabling data encryption. Leverage audit trails and automatic pause and resume functionality to record only what you are allowed to.


Maintain regulatory and compliance requirements that conform with PCI DSS, FDCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR) and the Securities Exchange Act.

High Availability

Ensure 100% reliability in critical environments. Maintain redundancy utilizing our unique high availability design to make sure no single call is missed. 

Contact Center Integration

Gain deeper understanding of the recorded calls thanks to integration with contact center platforms such as Cisco UCCE & UCCX, Genesys and Avaya.

Media Lifecycle Management

Define specific retention policies based on the business data attached to each interaction in order to ensure compliance and to optimize storage space.

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