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Call Recording

More than compliance, capturE Your Customer's Experience

The contact center is a strategic connection point with your customers.  Inbound & outbound calls represent crucial customer experiences with your organization that determine retention and future revenue.

ZOOM integrates seamlessly with multiple contact center platforms including: Cisco UCCE & UCCX, Genesys, Amazon Connect, Microsoft Skype for Business, AudioCodes(LMR) and Avaya. 

Our recording software helps maintain regulatory and compliance requirements that conform with GDPR, PCI DSS, FDCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPPA, Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR) and the Securities Exchange Act.



Are your customers having a positive experience?

ZOOM gets it. We know how to help you retain customers and protect revenue.  Our products allow capture and optimization your customers' experience, help you maintain compliance and streamline contact center operations.  We have you covered with support for traditional and cloud based unified communication platforms & formats including:

ZOOM Call Recording is a robust, scalable and secure solution that meets your customer service & compliance obligations. Thanks to our modular platform, Call Recording fits to your business, small or large, local or global.
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How ZOOM Call Recording works



Give your customer interactions context. Record conversations augmented by business data from your contact center platform and CRM system.



Select which calls to record based on your business requirements. Choose between total, random, business rules driven or on-demand recording.



Quickly search, find, replay and share recorded conversations. All in a secure environment that fully respects your privacy and data access policies.

What makes us different?

Pervasive Media Capture

Our media capture portfolio remains the most comprehensive in the WFO market. ZOOM integrates seamlessly with contact center platforms such as Cisco UCCE & UCCX, Microsoft Skype for Business, Genesys, Amazon Connect and Avaya.

Smarter Contact Center

Experience the innovation of a single view of the combined customer experience with ZOOM’s search-based conversation dashboard. Capture your customer’s loyalty with post call NPS® surveys and analyze results with quality scores using ZOOM dashboards. ZOOM’s contact center focused reporting and analytics help you make informed decisions and optimize your organization.

Compliance & Regulations

Maintain regulatory and compliance requirements that conform with GDPR, PCI DSS, FDCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPPA, Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR) and the Securities Exchange Act.

Capture Customer Experience

ZOOM call recording is one critical element of many for capturing the experience of your customers. Our products comprehensively capture and collate interactions from your customers through multiple channels including voice, text, chat,& email into a single quality management system. ZOOM products go as step further, allowing for survey of customers to capture their experience directly from the source.

 Contact Center Focused Analytics

ZOOM Performance Analytics (ZPA) is a cloud-based reporting tool providing an easy to use interface for presenting complex data. Relevant metrics are put into intuitively-designed reports , organized thematically across topic-specific dashboards. Each dashboard contains integrated data generated by ZOOM products and external data drawn from applications in the contact center ecosystem. The simple interface makes designing reports and dashboards much easier than other analytics tools. ZPA provides the functionality of Business Intelligence without the complexity.

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