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Compliance Solutions

Stay ahead of regulations and data privacy Rules

Does your company have heavy compliance requirements?
ZOOM gets it, we will help you sleep soundly while your organization remains in step with new regulations, internal policies, audits and data security  best practices. 

ZOOM will help you protect revenue and improve customer experience with features designed to help customers achieve and maintain GDPR, MiFID II, HIPPA and PCI/ DSS compliance:

ZOOM CRM agent toolbar:
Call status, manual pause and resume recording with call tagging integrated into Salesforce via Bucher+ Suter CRM Toolbar
Cisco Finesse connector:   

Agent toolbar with call status, manual pause and resume for recording

Pegasystems Robotic Process Automation 

(OpenSpan) Automated pausing for recording based on screen-based triggers that can be customized within agent applications.

Epic Systems Connector 

Configuration within Epic application makes ZOOM API calls for automatic pausing and resuming of recorded interactions.  (more information available in the Epic Systems App Orchard Marketplace) Epic App Orchard

GDPR Support

Complete removal of data using simple rules  GDPR Features & White Paper

MiFID II Features :

Capture of relevant interactions with tagging, audit for data flow and access, export for audit logs with media files. Complaints management including training, and monitoring.

Comprehensive Data Archival 

Matching rules to archive data to external storage

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How ZOOM protects revenue and customer experience



The best strategy for compliance is to never record sensitive information.  ZOOM has several features and tools to allow pausing of recorded calls to prevent capture and storage of sensitive data both as pre-built solutions or open APIs that can be leveraged.


In the event that sensitive information was captured, or a formal request for data removal is received (GDPR). ZOOM has the answer, we built a complex rules engine and removal tool to help keep your company compliant and avoid penalties.



Archiving of data that no longer is needed for agent reviews is a critical method of staying compliant in the contact center.  ZOOM has features to facilitate easy review and removal via archival to prevent data loss from your primary review application. 

So what makes us different?

Pervasive Media Capture

Our media capture portfolio remains the most comprehensive in the WFO market. We capture calls from Cisco UCCE & UCCX, Genesys, Amazon Connect, Microsoft Skype for Business and Avaya.  Our suite also supports the collection emails, web chats, text messages, radios and screen recording. 

Compliance & Regulations

Sleep soundly while your organization remains compliant with recent regulations, internal audits and data security best practices. With compliance covered, spend time focusing on agent effectiveness resulting in positive customer experience. ZOOM will be your guide.

Smarter Contact Center

Experience the innovation of a combined view of the entire customer experience with ZOOM’s search-based conversation dashboard. Capture your customer’s loyalty with post call NPS surveys and analyze results with quality scores using ZOOM dashboards. ZOOM’s contact center focused reporting and analytics help you make informed decisions and optimize your organization.

Open - API Based

Our architecture is open and easy to integrate with for external sources to control pausing recordings using simple apis with modern protocols and patterns. 

Comprehensive WFO Suite

ZOOM has been a leader in call recording for years, but did you know that we also excel in quality management, workforce optimization, speech & contact center performance metrics? 

Our Committment

ZOOM is committed to serving our customers, innovation as a culture and loyalty to our partners and customers. 

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