Performance Analytics


Performance Analytics

Contact Center Business Intelligence

Overview: ZOOM Performance Analytics

  1. Designed for the Contact Center—more robust than app reports, less complex than enterprise BI
  2. 10X Faster Time to Value—cloud-native models deploy much faster than traditional analytics
  3. 10X  Fewer Delays—no IT resources needed to install, configure, or operate
  4. 10X More Value—much less expensive than traditional BI for the same or greater value
  5. Agile and business-friendly—no large consulting engagements, no ongoing developer costs

Contact center leaders want continuous improvement across the customer experience and alongside process and agent performance improvements.

To achieve this, they need an integrated, dashboard view of metrics from all the data used across the contact center—ACD, IVR, CRM, Call Recording, Quality Management, WFM, and more. While each of these apps offers independent reporting, separate reports have limited value. To get full visibility into performance, leaders need an integrated view of analytical data, and spreadsheets only go so far.

ZOOM Performance Analytics was built to solve this problem.

ZOOM Performance Analytics provides a cloud-native, integrated view of call center data via dashboards, reports, and notifications. The ZOOM CloudLift™ application extracts data from cloud or on-premise systems and encrypts it for transfer. ZOOM's cloud-based transform and load processes then store it in the ZOOM Performance Analytics cloud-based data warehouse.

With the solution, contact centers generate useful insights in days and weeks, not months or years. Business-friendly exploratory capabilities, trending, and daily metrics all deliver continuous improvement. The contact center solution also offers significantly more value than free or individual app reports while being simpler, easier, and more manageable than enterprise business intelligence.

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How ZOOM Performance Analytics Works:



Connect to dozens of different data sources out of the box or any custom application you're using today. We'll extract data from all sources, keeping everything up to date so you can explore greater efficiencies and insights.



Connecting the dots has never been easier. We provide you with a rich data model on day one, and connect it with any other sources for a great foundation to understand the big picture.



Visualize data, track trends, and isolate problem areas with a comprehensive set of web dashboards and reports. Schedule daily e-mail reports and automate what you now have to do manually.

So what makes us different?

Up and running in 24 hours

This is not a typo – in 24 hours from the moment you allow us to access your systems, you will be looking at reports and dashboards loaded with your data, addressing key business issues.

Connect to all your data

With vast data sources supported out of the box, you will be able to integrate data from every application you're using today, one by one, at your own pace, without needing to invest in hardware, software or storage.

From the CEO to the agent

Everyone in your organization benefits from ZOOM Performance Analytics. From the CEO dashboard with just a few KPI's, all the way down to individual agents who can compare their performance to that of their peers.

Unexpected insights

ZOOM Performance Analytics makes it easy to dig deep into the data to reveal hidden trends, new insights and answers to questions you hadn’t thought to ask. And of course it's all customizable.

Fast, Secure & Scalable

Due to the unique architecture of our powerful business intelligence solution, you can load as much data as you need, create reports, and view it all fast, securely and comfortably on a web browser. 

Always Up to Date

Provided as a service, ZOOM Performance Analytics is continually updated on a two-week release cycle for new reports, metrics and dashboards to help run your business smarter.

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