Workforce Engagement Management Analytics

ZOOM Delivers Contact Center Performance Analytics

ZOOM Performance Analytics (ZPA) is a cloud-based reporting product that provides an easy to use interface for presenting complex contact center data that enhances ZOOM dashboards and reports. 

Unlike other analytics tools, ZPA is contact center focused, comes with ZOOM data, contact center KPIS, dashboards and reports built in to reduce time & cost to implement.



The simple interface makes designing new reports and dashboards much easier than other analytics tools.

ZPA provides the functionality of Business Intelligence without complexity, long implementations, or need for on premise hosting, putting the power in the hands of contact center leaders. 

Performance Analytics Solution
  Standard Features:
    • Easy to Use / Contact Center Specific
    • Standard Contact Center Reports & Dashboards Included
    • Scheduling Engine for Pre-Running Reports
    • Pre-Connected to ZOOM Data (Reviews, Agents etc)
  Advanced Features:
    • Customizable Data Model / Reports & Dashboards
    • CRM, HR or other Data Source Inclusion Possible
ZOOM Performance Analytics (ZPA)
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How ZOOM Performance Analytics Works:



Connect to dozens of different data sources out of the box or any custom application you're using today. We'll extract data from all sources, keeping everything up to date so you can explore greater efficiencies and insights.



Connecting the dots has never been easier. We provide you with a rich data model on day one, and connect it with any other sources for a great foundation to understand the big picture.



Visualize data, track trends, and isolate problem areas with a comprehensive set of web dashboards and reports. Schedule daily e-mail reports and automate what you now have to do manually.

So what makes us different?

Up and running in as little as 24 hours

This is not a typo – in as little as 24 hours from the moment you allow us to access your systems, you will be looking at reports and dashboards loaded with your data, addressing key business issues.

Connect to all your data

With vast data sources supported out of the box, you will be able to integrate data from every application you're using today, one by one, at your own pace, without needing to invest in hardware, software or storage.

From the CEO to the agent

Everyone in your organization benefits from ZOOM Performance Analytics. From the CEO dashboard with just a few KPI's, all the way down to individual agents who can compare their performance to that of their peers.

Unexpected insights

ZOOM Performance Analytics makes it easy to dig deep into the data to reveal hidden trends, new insights and answers to questions you hadn’t thought to ask. And of course it's all customizable.

Fast, Secure & Scalable

Due to the unique architecture of our powerful business intelligence solution, you can load as much data as you need, create reports, and view it all fast, securely and comfortably on a web browser. 

Always Up to Date

Provided as a service, ZOOM Performance Analytics is continually updated on a two-week release cycle for new reports, metrics and dashboards to help run your business smarter.

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