On-demand and in real time

For agent improvement, timely feedback is critical. Listen to agents’ calls and monitor their screens in real time in order to provide effective coaching.

Agent performance has a direct impact on their productivity, your compliance and the experience customers receive. Provide supervisors and team leaders with insight into all active calls with the inclusion of real-time agent desktop viewing. This will provide them an in-depth understanding and evaluation of agents' strengths and weaknesses.

ZOOM Live Monitoring turns every customer interaction into a significant coaching opportunity.

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How ZOOM Live Monitoring Works?

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When the unexpected happens, you can monitor or record calls outside of your planned recording routine. It doesn’t matter where the call is happening – in the C-Suite, the contact center, remote office or home. 

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Executives can use a simple on-demand function to record a specific call on a phone that is not normally recorded. In the contact center, the supervisor can click on an agent to monitor, record and evaluate the audio stream and the live view of the agent desktop.

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On-demand recordings are stored securely and can only be reviewed by authorized staff. But all other Live Monitor recordings can be flagged, commented and marked for future review in ZOOM Quality Management or set as an example in the ZOOM E-learning library.

So what makes us different?


Turn on call recording in the middle of the conversation based on what you hear and still save the entire call from its beginning for future analysis.


Ensure that supervisors and team leaders can view calls only within their assigned range while call center managers have full access.

Business Data Overview

Customize how business data related to the calls is displayed on your screen, including information from the contact center platform and CRM.


Built to perform in large enterprises and multi-site deployments, you can monitor agents in different locations including agents working from home.


Directly flag and comment any calls on the fly. Leverage this data for other quality processes and triggers within the ZOOM QM Suite. 

Fully Customizable

Select the quality, scaling and frames per seconds to optimize bandwidth and storage requirements for the recorded screens.

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