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Omnichannel Search

One Screen to view them all

Does your contact center handle omnichannel customer interactions?  Analyzing and searching across disparate channels can be a challenge. 
ZOOM gets it, that's why we power our back end with native search.  It allows contact centers to search across interactions like you do for a flight or shopping on Amazon.
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 Our unique search based conversation screen delivers a unified view of omnichannel customer interactions in a single place. 

Make your contact center smarter using ZOOM's search-engine designed for exploring the customer experience:

  • Capture customer interactions and meta-data across web page visits, emails, chats, voice, web conferencing, surveys, and more
  • Keep text, calls, meta-data, and metrics in a single platform, unifying information across systems.

With enterprise level search platform Solr as the engine, ZOOM's revolutionary conversation screen provides a single entry point for understanding all interactions from your customers.  

Key Features

  • Enterprise level search platform (like google)
  • Single interface for all channels
  • Integrated quality management workflow and actions
  • Preview & detail for every interaction
  • Recording player for listening to calls at the bottom
  • Conversation timeline (multiple interactions)
  • Easily visible metadata of any segment or the entire conversation
  • Configurable rules and filters 
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Why is Search Best for Omnichannel?



Search engine platforms like Solr allow for broader, faster and smarter results than traditional databases.  This is largely why ZOOM decided to integrate Solr into the center of our WFO suite and design innovative solutions that utilize it.  We want only the best for our customers.


Just because your contact center gathers multiple types of customer interactions does not mean your supervisors should have to learn multiple interfaces. Collecting and presenting unique types of interactions in a single view was challenging, but ZOOM's conversation screen has done exactly that.  View texts, emails, calls, and chats in a single list with everything needed to improve customer experience.


ZOOM not only consolidates all customer interactions into a single search and view, our conversation screen allows viewing of all related metadata for every customer in one workflow.  Need to see the details from the chat?  It's in there.  Want to listen to a call and see the meta-data at the same time? No problem.  Your supervisors are going to love how empowering all this data is at their fingertips. 

So what makes us different?

Pervasive Media Capture

Our media capture portfolio remains the most comprehensive in the WFO market. We capture calls from Cisco UCCE & UCCX, Genesys, Amazon Connect, Microsoft Skype for Business and Avaya.  Our suite also supports the collection emails, web chats, text messages, radios and screen recording. 

Compliance & Regulations

Sleep soundly while your organization remains compliant with recent regulations, internal audits and data security best practices. With compliance covered, spend time focusing on agent effectiveness resulting in positive customer experience. ZOOM will be your guide.

Smarter Contact Center

Experience the innovation of a combined view of the entire customer experience with ZOOM’s search-based conversation dashboard. Capture your customer’s loyalty with post call NPS surveys and analyze results with quality scores using ZOOM dashboards. ZOOM’s contact center focused reporting and analytics help you make informed decisions and optimize your organization.

Open - API Based

Our architecture is open and easy to integrate with for external sources to control pausing recordings using simple apis with modern protocols and patterns. 

Comprehensive WFO Suite

ZOOM has been a leader in call recording for years, but did you know that we also excel in quality management, workforce optimization, speech & contact center performance metrics? 

Our Committment

ZOOM is committed to serving our customers, innovating as a culture and loyalty to our partners and customers. 

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