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It's great that you're recording calls and agent desktops. Now you need to use that knowledge to effectively analyze and evaluate agent performance and pinpoint skill gaps. Our Conversation Explorer product helps you implement a systematic quality assurance program guiding your team leaders to conducting productive, efficient, regular evaluations.


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How ZOOM Quality Management works:



Help your team leaders improve the quality assurance process by automating scheduled work, so they can evaluate a given number of interactions based on specific criteria, including business data.



Accurately measure agent performance with standardized, predefined scorecards distributed to your team leaders, who can confidently set deadlines and check progress.



Determine strong and weak performers by comparing skills, agents or groups using trend reports and graphs to identify both individual agent and team progress.

What makes us different?

The Calibration Process

Conduct fair and accurate agent evaluations by comparing agent scores from various evaluators, so you can set standards and measure standard deviation for all your team leaders to be correctly calibrated.


To know that you're evaluating the right calls, use ZOOM Speech Analytics to select calls based on your business objectives for compliance, script adherence and customer churn detection.

Rich Reporting

See results visualized crisply in out-of-the-box dashboards, reports and drill-down graphs to identify agent strengths and weaknesses, track their historical improvement, and export data to MS Excel for further analysis.


A powerful coaching tool to improve agent involvement in your quality processes is to allow them to evaluate themselves, then compare their assessment to how they're scored by evaluators.

Targeted Training

Provide feedback to agents along with relevant study materials to improve their performance scores. This crucial two-way feedback is incorporated into every aspect of the evaluation process.

Customer Feedback

Listen to the real voice of the customer in post-call surveys to analyze the results in terms of agent performance. See the interactions scored best or worst by your clients and gain valuable insights.

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