Speech Analytics

Elevate Quality Coverage & Customer Experience

We know what you are looking for...

To understand what is really happening on voice calls

Help with compliance coverage and coaching 

To connect to customers, & know how they feel. 

Technology to optimize and better manage today and for the future. 


ZOOM Gets It!

  • We have 20 years of experience providing technology solutions to contact center problems
  • Our Speech analytics packages are tailored to every level of budget and requirement
  • We back our products with unquestionably exceptional service
  • Our speech analytics engine will make you more efficient, provide more insight and help you spend more time on customer experience.

Features & Capabilities:


  •  key phrase spotting feature for all recorded calls

Basic Speech Analytics

  • Transcription @ 70-80% accuracy for all supported languages.  (No additional per language fee)
  • Topic grouping, phrase/keyword rules & tagging
  • Languages - English [UK, Australian, American], French, Spanish, Russian, German, Turkish, Flemish, Dutch, Arabic, Urdu, and Azerbaijan
Advanced Speech Analytics (includes basic)
  • Rules-based automatic Quality Management of voice interactions 
  • Product bundle includes analytics (dashboard, reporting),  trend analysis, advanced detection for emotion/sentiment and statistical comparison.
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How ZOOM Speech Analytics Works

Get Started

Get Started

Start mining your calls for valuable insight from day one. Our consultants will have you up and running in a matter of days and will help to define what to look for based on your vertical market and business needs.



Quickly find occurrences of customer churn, non-compliant calls and market trends to monitor. Drill down, listen to calls & gather an overview from detailed reporting that helps reveal the root cause.



The insights from speech analytics alone are rarely enough. By connecting with your contact center data you can uncover unique trends and address complex business issues.

What makes us different?

Speed & Accuracy

Based on ZOOM's state of the art R&D in deep learning and neural networks we are proud to present a blazingly fast and highly accurate speech engine that processes your audio calls with minimal hardware footprint.

Ease of Use

Designed for use in the contact center, no specific analytical skills are required. The user interface is clean, fast and intuitive so getting insight from what your customers are saying is easy and straightforward. 

Emotion Detection

Analysis of cross-talk and silences in conversations provides actionable insight into emotionally charged or problematic calls, especially when combined with other call parameters or contact center data.

Let Us Help You Get Started

With every project we assign you an experienced consultant who guides you through the process of how to leverage the technology for your particular market or for business pain that you want to address.

Integrated Solution

As part of the ZOOM Quality Management user interface the Speech Analytics solution is blended into your quality assurance process with cross functional workflows and rich reporting capabilities.

100% ZOOM's Technology

ZOOM Speech Analytics is powered by a proprietary engine, developed and maintained in-house. This gives us the freedom to design without compromise and ensures no reliance on 3rd party suppliers for our core technology.

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