See what you can't hear

60% of communication is nonverbal. 

What if you could add a human touch to remote conversations with your colleagues and customers?


Face to face conversations evoke emotions, build trust and foster loyalty adding real value in team working and making better customer connections. Advances in video conferencing and telepresence now enable you to achieve these positive outcomes in remote communications.

ZOOM Video & Telepresence Recording is a built-in, affordable solution which enables to you record conversations for legal compliance, expert consultations, innovative learning experiences or interview analysis. 

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How ZOOM Video & Telepresence Recording works

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Select which video conversations to record based on your business requirements. Choose between total, random, business rules driven or on-demand recording.

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Give your conversations with colleagues and customers another dimension – facial expressions, gestures, eye contact – and capture video-enabled conversations.

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Quickly search, replay and share recorded video calls and videoconferences, and gain insights from every interaction or customer conversation.

What makes us different?

Protecting Your Investments

Leverage your existing ZOOM deployment and seamlessly integrate ZOOM Video & Telepresence Recording with the QM Suite platform.

Wide Range of Devices

Records video from desktop phones, telepresence units and supports mobile endpoints including voice and video.

True Insight

Enables to better understand not only what was said during the conversation, but also what was implied though the body language of the participants.

PCI DSS Compliance

Both audio and video part of the call can be encrypted and pause & resume functionality utilized to fulfill legal and regulatory compliance requirements including PCI DSS. 

Full Cisco Compatibility

Supports Cisco Jabber on both mobile devices and desktop systems, Video Enabled Cisco IP Phones, Telepresence Units and Collaboration Desk Endpoints.

Standalone if Required

ZOOM Video & Telepresence Recording can be licensed separately and can be also installed independently from the rest of the ZOOM QM Suite.

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