Measuring Customer & Agent Sentiment

Your customers & agents must be heard and your organization needs features to rapidly understand and react to their feedback.

ZOOM gets it, we are obsessed with serving the needs of our customers and partners. It is our passion and the foundation for how we run our company. This core belief is most reflected in our Voice of the Customer & Voice of the Employee capabilities which help drive key business outcomes like loyalty, decreased attrition, engagement and positive revenue.
ZOOM uses the same NPS® features and focused customer experience program for our own customers and it shows in our customer loyalty and trailing 360 day score:
Year Score
2014  69
2018  87
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The most successful companies are exceptional at listening to customer & agent feedback.

ZOOM Voice of the Customer will enable you to collect, measure and analyze feedback related to the experience your agent provides so that you have the most accurate assessment of how your customers feel.

Not only do we collect survey results, but we can tie them to the interaction they were triggered from creating a detailed record and a closed loop.

Collect Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), Customer Effort Score or any other form including voice message memos and analyze them to answer the ultimate question: Did you get further from or closer to your customers today?

More About ZOOM's NPS®

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How Voice of the Customer Works



Create surveys in an easy to use web-based editor. Ask one or more questions. Provide the option to leave a voice message. All this without having to ask your IT department for assistance.

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Invite customers to provide feedback about their experience once the conversation is complete. Compare how your supervisors and customers perceive the work of your agents.

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Track your customers' satisfaction over time and get a detailed understanding of what makes them feel great. There is no better path to success than turning your customers into your promoters.

What makes us different?

Perfect Timing

Capture the heart of the customer at the right time. Collect feedback just seconds after they experienced your service. 

Efficient correlation

Link immediate heart of the customer survey results to the specific agent interaction for improved quality management and evaluation.

Business owns the game

Survey questions can be easily modified in an intuitive user interface. No need to call your IT for configuration changes and adjustments. Really!

Customized surveys

Ask as many questions as you want. Mix open and closed questions and let customers answer with a combination of DTMF tones and voice messages.

Unexpected Insights

Finish your survey questions by asking customers for any other feedback. You will be surprised by what you will gain: competitive insights, endorsements or answers to questions you hadn't thought to ask.

Root cause analysis

Compare the survey results against customer satisfaction scores. Drill to individual survey question for root cause to address agent needs for improvement.

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