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Workforce Management

Costs and queues in perfect balance

Remove the guesswork from your contact center planning by carefully balancing engaged agents and efficient operations.

Shift planning in the contact center is no longer just about how many agents are on the roster. It is increasingly being used to ensure that the available agents have the right skills in order to deliver an outstanding customer experience. 

ZOOM Workforce Management will ensure that you have the right number of agents, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. This means no long wait times and no unnecessary holds or transfers. Simple as that.

Your contact center will be able to effectively forecast demand and create schedules that will improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of your overall customer service operation. And when the unexpected happens, intraday reporting will alert your supervisors before it becomes a problem so that they can adjust the plan and continue to delight your customers.

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How ZOOM Workforce Management works



Take full control of your shift planning. Know what to expect and avoid unexpected surprises. Forecast for multi-skill, multi-site, multi-channel, for any interval, including trend and seasonal analysis.


Staff costs are the single biggest expense in most contact centers. So it pays to bring together business needs, agent preferences and scheduling rules to produce the best possible schedules.



Put real-time data at your team leaders' fingertips. Manage intraday situations and stay in control of the day. Adjust schedules on-the-fly based on agent status and fluctuations in call volumes.

What makes us different?

Agent Empowerment

Let agents manage their own time and allow them to choose when they would like to work. Build the right schedule for both business and employees from the start. 

Real-time Adherence

Intraday reporting and real-time schedule editing allows you to monitor agent adherence and use drag-and-drop capability to adjust schedules based on real-time agent status.


Motivate your employees and reward achievement against targets. Agents will engage in a game-like competition that boosts motivation and rewards high performance.

Wherever you are

Available for your smartphone and tablet through web based tools. For managers and employees who need access to the right information regardless of when and where they are.


Manage performance with extensive schedule adherence reporting and drill-down graphs. Quickly access agent scorecards for various KPIs, such as absenteeism, schedule adherence and productivity.

What if Scenario

Test the impact on service levels that would result from scheduling scenarios such as unusual sickness levels, changed opening hours, training schedules, product launches or ad campaigns.

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