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Does your Call Center need Recording and Monitoring?

Does your Contact Center need VOIP Call Recording and Monitoring?

The difference between ZOOM [for Call Center recording] and other vendors is that they showed great flexibility during implementation, and they provide very fast and effective support if issues arise. Bulent Kargin, Consulting Designer, Finansbank

Satisfied Customers
Net Promoter Score 86+

Our 1700+ contact center recording customers have awarded us best-in-the-industry customer satisfaction scores, and we are on the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for our industry. Business and technical leaders who choose ZOOM know this is what makes us unique in the industry—our call recording and monitoring works better than every other vendor out there.


Robust Enterprise

ZOOM solves the hardest contact center call recording and monitoring problems in the world. It is proven in multi-location, high availability scenarios with  advanced media lifecycle management and security support, as well as deep Cisco, Genesys, Avaya, SIP (E.g. Audiocodes or ACME), and Radio integration—we record screens and video too.


Addresses Demanding Business Needs

ZOOM supports virtually every regulatory and compliance requirement in the contact center industry—most recently GDPR and MiFID II. Call recording and monitoring integrates with ZOOM quality management and analytics. as well as CRM and call center infrastructure. Businesses need contact center recording and monitoring that is 100% reliable, and ZOOM delivers.


Call Center Recording and Monitoring: Business Drivers

According to McKinsey, "For every 10-percentage-point uptick in customer satisfaction, a company can increase revenues 2 percent to 3 percent."

Call recording and monitoring is the foundation to measuring and improving customer satisfaction and contact center operations. And, companies need a robust, proven, reliable call recording and monitoring architecture to ensure common scenarios are captured:

  • Regulatory and compliance
  • PCI-DSS—Payment Cards and other types of Private Information
  • Verbal Contracts
  • Quality Management
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction and Impacting Revenue
  • Back office support

Why Companies Pick ZOOM for Call Recording

You can pick other companies, or you can pick the company most likely to make and keep you satisfied—we are #1 in customer satisfaction in our industry for a reason. Over 1700 voice engineers, call center directors, and partners have chosen ZOOM and given us an 86+ NPS—we score 8, 9, or 10 on 93+ of NPS surveys. Contact centers record and monitor calls with ZOOM in over 90 countries and at companies from dozens to thousands of agents. We are known to have the best contact center recording and monitoring in the industry—as most customers put it, "Unlike your contact center recording competitors, your recording just works."

We humbly say, “this is world class” :) and we’ve won both Golden Bridge and Stevies awards for our results.


Voice and VOIP Engineers pick ZOOM for Call Recording because:

  • Our call recording and media lifecycle management architecture is one of the most robust in the industry
  • Our call recording functionality has far fewer issues than many of our competitors
  • Our technical support for call recording and monitoring is world-class with the highest customer satisfaction rankings in the WFO industry
  • Our contact center recording and monitoring integration connects with contact center platforms such as Cisco UCCE & UCCX, Genesys and Avaya

Call Center Directors pick ZOOM for Call Recording because:

  • Our customers love us—our net promoter score is world-class at 86+
  • We have market leading call recording and monitoring products with over 1700 customers in 90 countries
  • Our combination of call recording and related products drives continuous improvement:
    • Capture: call recording, voice recording, screen capture, and live monitoring
    • Analyze: contact center analytics, speech analytics, and workforce management
    • Improve: Quality management, voice of the customer, and e-learning
  • We are award-winning industry leaders in customer satisfaction and noted for customer satisfaction by multiple industry analysts, and call recording and monitoring is our foundation

Partners choose ZOOM because:

  • We don’t compete with our partners—we sell call recording and monitoring 100% through partners
  • We are trusted to deliver value without customer satisfaction issues in call recording
  • We are easy to do business with and build strong, effective partner relationships for call recording
  • Our sales engagements and promotions are loved by partners
  • Our services team ensures customers become and stay satisfied

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